Tuesday, August 24, 2010

StoryCraft Fiction Development

Hi all,
Saytue here, long time no write;) For a minute I actually forgot I had this blog, but I'm back and is so excited to be writing this post, because I have found such a great writer software. However, this is only targeting those of you who are into fiction, screen plays, novels or short stories writing.

To be honest, under no circumstances I would be putting this product out there if it wasn't worth taking a look at. My time is valuable as well as yours and I think both of us will appreciate honesty;)

With that said, read below:

StoryCraft, One Of The First And Most Respected Story-writing Software
Programs, Guides You Through The Entire Process Of Writing
Novels And Screenplays! Write Stories, Learn Craft Of Fiction,
Professional And Wanna-be Writers Alike!

"So, What's In It For Me"?

ERASES WRITER'S BLOCK BY SIMPLIFYING THE REAL WRITING PROCESS ~ StoryCraft guides you through the whole process of creating and developing your stories, and they offer quick access to your word processor for each stage of your story so that you can quickly record your ideas — no interruptions, no delays, no excuses.

PERFECTS YOUR STORY'S PREMISE ~ By Using StoryCraft, your basic story idea becomes a simple concise story Concept that will form the solid foundation on which you will build your story.

ESTABLISHES THE IDEAL CATEGORY FOR YOUR STORY ~ Once you have your Story Concept, StoryCraft leads you almost effortlessly towards the decision of which Story Category (action, character, or epic) to use to develop precisely the kind of story you most need and want to write.

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"StoryCraft Writers Software adopts a simple yet powerfully effective system known as the 5 "Jarvis Method Writing Stages," which simplify the entire process of writing the novel, screenplay, play, or short story."

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